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Based in London, we help clients across the UK, Europe and USA.

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I certainly appreciate all of 30six Agency’s efforts in making sure they’re bringing the right candidates to us, not just anyone.
I know the team makes the best efforts to represent us in an accurate way, not just the way a candidate may want their next workplace to be, which makes it so much easier to recruit and retain talent 30six brings our way. 
James is one of the most honest recruiters I’ve dealt with in recent years. I can not thank you enough for being so kind, patient, and supportive to the team at Impero. 
Annie Walker – Impero
James has been brilliant to work with across a number of our recent hires at Kairos. More than any recruiter we’ve come across before, it’s clear James understands the industry and what kind of candidates we actually need – and that ultimately has led to some great recent hires.
Niall Carroll – Kairos Media

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