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Senior Sales roles

The Challenge

  They hadn’t recruited someone at a senior sales level using an external agent
  They had tried to recruit once previously and found the candidate they took on hadn’t been thoroughly vetted and turned against the business due to the wrong foundations
  They wanted to ensure their opportunity was presented to the entire market and that all senior stakeholders were managed correctly to ensure a successful placement.

Our Solution

  By using our framework for a search strategy and targeted headhunting efforts, we built a shortlist of 6 candidates
  Targeted outreach to 350 senior sales consultants within the market research industry
  We helped to ensure that all candidates were aligned to the brief and that all information was presented to Censuswide at our shortlisting meeting. We Presented 13 candidates over a 1.5-hour meeting, which saved 20hours of meetings, and had Censuswide done themselves. This doesn’t account for the hours spent on the search.