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Spend less time hiring and more time growing your business

30SIX is your dedicated executive search partner for marketing talent. We can identify leaders for you and save you time along the way, leaving you to focus on the tasks at hand.

Make better decisions on the hires that matter.

As a business leader, you’re responsible for making better business decisions.

But as these decisions pile up

  • Hiring strategies become more complex.
  • Choosing a talent search partner becomes a mine-field.
  • Revenue vs investment and budget allocations don’t line up.
  • Time and money get wasted as you try to make the right decision

In the end? You’re left with too much information and not enough results.


Where we help.

Our team of experts are committed to identifying your situation and any challenges you’re up against. We provide proven and tested solutions from start to finish, including:

  • A tailored briefing session
  • Job description creation
  • Job posting across our platforms
  • Access to our tech stack
  • Market Research
  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting – Market intelligence
  • Consultancy throughout
  • Recruitment Process Outsourced
  • Offer Management
  • Reference checking


1.   Kick-Off Call

Your time investment: 60 minutes

Tell us about your business, and your why.

We’ll lead a thorough briefing session to ensure we get all the required information we need to complete the project

2.   Market Research

Your time investment: 0 minutes

We then do all the heavy lifting to identify every candidate that matches the brief

3.   Approach the Market

Your time investment: 0 minutes

We then do what the majority of recruiters don’t and systematically and professionally approach every candidate to gain as much interest in the opportunity as possible.

4.  Weekly steering meetings

Your time investment: 15 minutes/week

We show you findings from the search, including any feedback we have and any challenges we are coming up against. We work together to address this information and if necessary, allow it to re steer the search.

5.  Longlist to shortlist

Your time investment: 60minutes

After we have shown you our completed search and everyone has been spoken with, a longlist of candidates appears who are all QIA (qualified, interested and assessed) against the brief by the senior consultant.

6.   Interviews

Your time investment: 1 hour per interview

You’ll know that the time you invest at this stage is on the right calibre of candidate because of the previous steps we’ve been through with you. 

7.   Offer Management

Your time investment: Average 2hours

We help with all negotiations at this stage, as we provide you with market intelligence it allows you to offer the right package first time and prevent back and forth in negotiations.

Work with us, and start seeing results.

We don’t promise the impossible — but we do promise you’ll get the best talent available to you.

We’ll treat your business as our own. We work to understand your unique objectives and learn what marketing talent is going to be right to align to your company ambition.

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