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If you’ve tried traditional methods of recruitment and haven’t been impressed, then our retained search is the solution for you. Trusting a reputable partner with your hiring strategy is a big step to take, so allow us to show you a proven route to success. With our defined and tested methodology, we work closely with you to yield the best results.

With retained search, we follow the same steps as our executive search and work as an extension to your business for one-off or multiple hires.

*We work on single projects so there is no need for a long-term commitment with this plan.

Retained Search

Retained search is when you want to ensure your opportunity is presented to the entire talent pool. And also you are shown the results as proof of the search.

Unlike with other search processes, our retained search is entirely transparent and you have all the data provided to you from our research phase to enhance your chances at the interview stage.

Whether your role is niche in the skills that are required, it’s a business critical hire, or even time sensitive, this search allows maximum control and has us working with you until we reach a result.

We have a proven method, but no search is the same. We understand that your company is unique, as well as your growth plans, which is why we take time to understand your requirements and create a search plan to suit you.

We explore every possible source to reach quality candidates. The candidates we present to you have been through a 2 stage interview with ourselves to ensure when you take the first stage, you are meeting with candidates that are right and you aren’t wasting time at irrelevant interviews.

Feedback from candidates, has shown 95% of candidates we’ve met with notice the difference in a retained search, as we can spend more time with them. For relevant candidates we ensure they are represented to the same level as your brand is represented to them.

  • All projects begin with an in-depth briefing session
  • We outline our process and timelines
  • We gain a thorough understanding of your company USP
  • Deep dive into the role specifications & candidate requirements
  • On completion of the briefing meeting we send you a scope of work to confirm our understanding of the project
We understand the importance of continuity which is why the person you meet will be the person who delivers your project.
We meet with you to gain a thorough understanding of your role. It’s vital to know why your role and your organisation would be attractive to candidates, especially those high calibre individuals that are not actively looking for a new job.
After the briefing, we provide you with our scope of work. This details our understanding of what you are looking for and why it is such an attractive opportunity.
  • We begin our search
  • Identification of target companies
  • Identification of target candidates
  • All of which has been discussed and approved by the client
Using all the information agreed at the briefing meeting, we identify every candidate who has the right skill set to create our TARGET LIST.
By operating across industries we are able to offer our clients access to ALL potential candidates.
  • Professionally approach each target candidate
  • Systematically document each and every approach
  • Additional information on the market is collected
We take the time to explain to you why those candidates who don’t make it to the next stage are either unsuitable or not interested.
We make sure to collect useful market information throughout, giving a valuable insight into how your competitors are doing.
  • Initial assessment made by search consultant
  • Second stage screening completed by managing consultant
  • Face-to-face competency based interview (CBI)
  • We look at both functional and behavioural competencies of each candidate
All candidates are interviewed by the Managing Consultant – the person you met during the initial phase and the person who remains your point of contact throughout.
Our process is rigorous and designed to assess and identify consistency of information, strengths, weaknesses and any potential concerns.
  • Client will be presented with a longlist of candidates who are all qualified, interested and assessed (QIA)
  • Summary on entire search and findings
  • Usually 3 – 5 will be shortlisted for interview
  • Interviews all booked in for you and support where needed
  • Contracts signed
A report is also provided detailing the outcome of EVERY approach we have made.
It is this transparency that gives you the confidence that you are meeting the very best possible candidates for your position.



As your hiring partner, we will work with you until the position is filled. Due to the research we do during our search, we have information to feed back to you to help evolve, expand or redefine the search.


We break our fee into three stages, as we believe this is results driven and ensures you see how hard we work for you.

First third of the fee is payable at commencement of the project

Second third is payable at agreed shortlist

Third and final third is payable once a contact is signed


As we’ve entered into a partnership with you, we guarantee each candidate for 12 months and will offer a free replacement if they were to leave prior to this.