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We like to listen to what you want, and together deliver a service that fits.

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Hiring is hard right now

There’s a substantial increase in open headcount within thousands of high growth companies than ever before, and you’re all competing for the same group of talent.

This leads to candidates being inundated by outreach, creating too many options, and resulting in a lack of interest because it’s impossible to stand out.

Our existing and growing relationships with thousands of candidates solves this challenge. We know exactly who is open to making a move, and precisely what their needs are in order to switch.

Make your life easier by leveraging our network and experience in engaging with hard to access candidates, and we’ll help you build the most impactful teams whilst you focus on scaling your organisation.

Interested to know how much an open vacancy could be costing you?

Every employee adds revenue to your company. Key roles are even more valuable. Every day that you are without a key hire costs your company valuable revenue.

Minimum Revenue Loss£

How do we get to this figure

We divide the company revenue by the total number of staff to give the revenue per employee. We then divide the revenue per employee by the number of working days to give the daily employee revenue. As role seniority impacts revenue, we apply a multiplier for the revenue role, 1x for Junior, 2x for Manager and 3x for Senior Manager / Executive Leadership to give a role specific daily revenue. We then multiply the role specific daily revenue by the number of days the role is forcast to be vacant to give a total role specific revenue loss. Because you are making a saving by not paying a salary for the vacant post, we then add NIC and other benefits to the base salary and minus this total from the revenue loss to give the total revenue loss. Your minimum revenue loss is dependent on how long this position stays vacant it could be much more than this!

Alec T. Impero, Senior Strategist

Helped find the perfect job

James is one of the only recruitment professionals I've experienced that actually took the time and made the effort to understand my skills, experience, and most importantly what I actually wanted my next step to be, before recommending me for a role. He helped find the perfect job for me and felt like a true advocate throughout the whole process. If you want to work with nice people, work with James.

Becki S. Kairos, Media Account Manager

Found the best role for me

As far as first experiences with recruiters go, I couldn’t have asked for a better one! Having James who is also so well versed in my industry has been so helpful. I felt supported and kept in the loop constantly throughout this process, and really felt like he found the best role for me as opposed to just suggesting a number and hoping one would stick! Thank you again James.

Julia P, Brand Strategist

Helpful and friendly

James has been extremely helpful and friendly throughout the recruitment process. I have really enjoyed speaking with him, discussing roles and my experience in detail. He took the time to really listen and understand my needs, as well as keep in touch if I ever needed any help throughout the interview process. I have really appreciated his kindness and professionalism, although I didn't find a new role as of yet, James will definitely be my go to once I am ready.

Lynsey P. Senior, Account Director Impero

I highly recommend

Wonderful and seamless experience working with James. Listened to what I was after and consistently easy to contact. I highly recommend him and 30SIX and would definitely work with them again in the future. Thank you 🙂

Emily J. Kairos, Media Account Director

The best recruiter I've ever worked with.

James is the best recruiter I've ever worked with. And I've met a fair few after a decent length of time in the industry. He's pragmatic, reassuring and I felt like he really listened to what I needed from my next role. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again (although hopefully that won't be for a while...) or recommend him to someone else.

Let’s chat

If you have any questions, get in touch. We can help you with your hiring challenges

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Our services


In simple terms, this is recruitments version of ‘No Win No Fee’. An end to end solution that can provide high quality candidate shortlists to fill your vacancy.



We’re so confident in our ability to identify, qualify and present key hires to you, you’ll be provided with a full audit of the market. This service allows us to truly partner with you.


If you have an on-going need for building out your departments, then a subscription service is for you, to ensure you are first to market with talent that is engaged and right for your business

Benefits to you


We recruit teams all day every day. Meaning our average recruitment timeline is 3 weeks for hire.

Save time

We handle the source, screen and selection process for you. We help you managing interviews all the way to the on-boarding process.

Dedicated Advertising

We provide dedicated advertising across major job boards and social network sites for the duration of the campaign.

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