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Multiple roles – consulting and sales

The Challenge

– MIDiA had yet to have a positive experience when using recruiters – in UK & US
– MIDiA wanted to grow its video and gaming portfolio and needed leadership in consulting and sales to help lead the team and grow this business 5X
– The company is in a pivotal growth stage, and it needed these senior hires to complement its established team 

Our Solution

– We defined our Exec Search model was best suited
– Marketing package built
– To understand the business requirements and then build a story to go to the market with
 Thorough briefing to understand the uniqueness of the business and to understand what senior candidates would appeal to them
– Re-build the recruiting process for MIDiA
– Becoming an extension of the business, to get a key understanding of what is needed
– Candidate shortlist – fully presented with backgrounds explained
– Time reduction of 90% compared with hiring previously