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Collecting data isn’t a challenge.
Creating value from it is.

30SIX is a UK based data, analytics & insights recruitment company

Founded in 2020, 30SIX was set up to enable companies to access premium data analytics talent at a speed unmatched by the market.

We know hiring in the data analytics domain is hard, so why not partner with a search firm that lives and breathes in the data analytics community?

We thrive on the energy and enthusiasm that data-driven professionals can bring to the world.

Our vision is to build a hiring process that is so clear and transparent clients choose to work with us.

Our mission is to increase market opportunities for our clients through well-informed data.

Problems we can help you solve:

  • Not got a hiring strategy
  • You’ve tried but can’t fill the position yourself
  • Your job isn’t attracting suitable candidates
  • The open vacancy is putting pressure on you, your business or your team
  • You’ve had bad past experiences with recruiters
  • You need the role filled ASAP

How we solve them:

  • Audit to break down the role requirements and timeframes
  • Bespoke hiring strategy created for your business
  • A transparent step-by-step process, shared with you for clarity
  • We will work in partnership with you until the position is filled
  • We collect data to give feedback to you on your business and role to help us both achieve

30SIX Core Values



We never assume. We make sure there is an agenda at every interaction. At the end of each meeting, actions and dates are agreed on.



We know that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. All our projects have a structured plan from the start.



A partnership is NOT just a friendship; a partnership is where we add value at each stage. We challenge when necessary and get as close to your operation as professionally possible.



We are always up-front and honest. We don’t sugar-coat anything and are always informative in our answers.


Areas of Expertise



Head Of Data, Head of Analytics, Head of Insights, VP’s, Director’s



Senior-level Analyst, Analytics Manager, Director of Analytics, Chief Data Officer (CDO).


Data Analytics




Why do people engage 30SIX?

  • Your current internal hiring strategy isn’t working
  • This is your first hire in the analytics space
  • You want to make a statement hire by hiring one of the best in the industry
  • You need to hire for a large volume of roles and want to outsource to an expert
  • You need one of the loudest voices in the industry to sell your brand story

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

Contact Details

You can reach out to us directly or use the form to submit a request.

Tel: 07533223111